Fitness Entrepreneur with a love for HIIT workouts and helping others achieve and reach their goals, and also teaches kids and ladies self defense. Her passion for exercise and combination of boxing, kicking and weights make the workouts fun. She specializes in obesity and works with a qualified dietitian to give each client emotional support as well as all the help they need to reach their goals. For more information please see Body Focus link on Facebook and Instagram. You have the option to train in the gym or online. The online selection for training on the website will be coming soon.


Featuring global academic and practical training with years of vocational expertise gathered
across international Hotel & Resorts being an accomplished Health & Wellness professional. With advance credentials from London Business Management School International Sport Science Association and University Of Pretoria Sports Science Institute while maintaining a pristine portfolio of client service satisfaction as a fitness manager within fitness studios and Spas at leading international Hotels & Resorts world over.

Offering Functional Fitness MMA-Strength & Conditioning Sports Specific Training, ESPA Massages (Sport Swedish Aroma) & Yoga


Former South African gymnast, and now a qualified Biokineticist. Gymnastics is where my passion for helping other athletes all started. Many techniques I learnt
through studying bio-kinetics, helped me improve my performance in gymnastics and I wanted to pass my knowledge on to other athletes.

My individual sessions focus on exactly what YOUR needs are, each session will change according to what you need/how you feel and as you improve. My Classes will help you improve on your mobility, learn how to correctly activate your core and
help increase your stability, all while strengthen all those little muscles you never knew existed.


A South African Aerobic Gymnast and pronivcial Badminton Player. From personal experience, in my own sporting career, I know how beneficial Sports Massage is, for recovery and performance. A highlight of my career is when I started working with the Sharks Super Rugby Team, in January 2019 – being able to work with professional athletes on a weekly basis, has taught me so much about my work. I absolutely love what I do and love to help people and athletes feel their best, and perform at their best!


Movement coach and marathon runner. Including Comrades marathon.

Offering morning group mobility sessions. Fitness and strength training.


Japanese graded Karateka whose focus is on practical self defense and empowering karatekas to surpass their comfort zone. Directly affiliated to Inoue Ha Shitoryu Japan and Karate South Africa.
Special interest in effective close range combat utilising the ancient methods of Okinawan Masters.


Pure Fitness is a cross functional gym and wellness centre in the heart of Umhlanga Ridge. Our personal trainers and therapists have a wide variety of services to suit any training and wellbeing need.
Conveniently located across the road from Old Town Italy, we operate from 5am through to 8pm.